Plastic has negative effects on the environment which may not appear to affect us directly, but it damages our mother earth and health.

Globally, the world produces more than 400 million tons of plastic every year and a vast majority of plastic products are not recyclable.The United Nations published a report estimating that 79% of plastic waste is thrown in landfills, dumps or the environment, while about 12% is incinerated and only 9% recycled.

Mini Klub is progressing towards a sustainable future. Under our sustainability initiatives we have launched an apparel range created using plastic bottles.

Wearing CUTE apparel can save our future. This is just a small step towards a sustainable future. Miniklub always takes utmost care to deliver comfortable clothing for your new born. Be rest assured, our collection made of recycled plastic is completely safe and skin friendly.

Cute recyled

Cute recyled

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