General Information

  • Every customer will start earning points with their first bill itself.
  • The points are allotted on the net bill value.
  • Each point is usually worth Rs 1. The customer can redeem points to avail discount.
  • Earned Points have 1 year validity.
  • Loyalty points not transferable to another account and can't combine points with multiple accounts.
  • Loyalty account maintained by mobile number, you can't change the mobile number of an account once it got registered.
  • Loyalty points can't be redeemed by combined with any coupon code, either coupon or redeemed points can be used for a single transaction.
  • You can opt-out for promotional SMS or an other SMS regarding to your register account by sending email to care@miniklub.in.
SLABS Eligibility Points Issued
Lifetime Purchase On Bill Value
SILVER ₹0 to ₹5000 2%
GOLD ₹5001 to ₹10,000 4%
PLATINUM ₹10001 & Above 6%


How is Point Allocation done?

Points allocation happens on a slab base. As per the slab customers will get the points for every transaction.

How many points can a customer redeem?

Min 200 points can be redeemed.

What is the value of each point?

1point = 1 INR

How does the points redemption happen?

During the time of redemption an OTP would be sent to a registered mobile number. After verifying the OTP redemption will be made.

What is the expiry date for the points?

One year.

Is there a subscription fee to the MiniKlub loyalty program?

MiniKlub Loyalty Program is free. There is no subscription fee involved. With every transaction your earn points

Additional Benefits:

  • Get 500 bonus points on Child's B'day

How does the point system work?

Example: On a purchase of Rs 1000 as per the SLAB A, a customer will earn 2%. That makes it 20 points. As per the lifetime purchase, the customer will upgrade to the next slab. As per the slab customers will be allocated points.

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